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Metis was the divine personification of thought or counsel in Greek mythology. In addition, Metis also represented wisdom, and her reputation for being wise was recognized and respected by mortals and immortals alike.
We have the wisdom to provide you with the marketing services needed to meet your goals.
Although we may not have the respect of the immortals yet, the mortals below recognize the value we create for their companies.
 “You can get canned pieces, or print jobs done anywhere. What Metis Marketing Inc. brings to the table is the knowledge, planning, creativity, and organization. Their coordination of our marketing efforts has made my job easier. I can work on other projects, confidently knowing that they are behind the scenes making our marketing plan come to life.”  -Vice President Marketing, Financial Institution
“…previously tried getting a logo designed elsewhere and it just wasn’t what we were looking for. We contacted Metis Marketing, Inc. and they were easy to work with and took the time to understand our vision. Now, I get complements on how nice my logo looks.”  
 -Owner, Manufacturing Business
“How do you create a professional image without spending more than a small business can afford? That’s the challenge we gave to Metis Marketing, Inc. We were delighted with how they responded and they are now an integral part of our team.”  -Owner, Insurance Agency

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